Top 20 Herbs - Starter Stash

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These herbs are in bulk and are Patriot Nurse's picks for starting your herbal apothecary.  All herbs are cut and sifted in bulk form unless otherwise noted.  In the event unavailability of a selection, we will make an appropriate substitution. Each herb will be 16 oz in measured weight and comes packaged in mylar,  Herbs included are:


Marshmallow Root Cut 16 oz. 
Mullein Leaf Cut 16 oz. 
Chamomile Flower Whole 16 oz.
Yarrow Flower Cut 16 oz. (Organic) 
Comfrey Leaf Cut 16 oz. 
Blessed Thistle Herb Cut 16 oz. 
Catnip Herb Cut 16 oz.  (Powder or cut and sifted)
Lobelia Herb Cut 16 oz. 
Juniper Berry Whole 16 oz. 
Cayenne Pepper Powder 16 oz. 
Dandelion Root Cut 16 oz. (Organic)
Horehound Herb Cut 16 oz. (Organic) 
Oat Straw Herb Cut 16 oz. (Organic) 
Red Raspberry Leaf Cut 16 oz. (Organic) 
Red Clover Blossoms Cut 16 oz. 
Peppermint Leaf Cut 16 oz. (Organic)
Valerian Root Cut 16 oz. 
Wild Cherry Bark Cut 16 oz. 
Nettle Leaf Cut 16 oz. 
Ginger Root Powder 16 oz. (Organic)


Due to the nature of this product, all sales are final. 

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