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The Patriot Nurse

Ginger Root Powder (16 oz)

Ginger Root Powder (16 oz)

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Ginger is a milder stimulant compared to Cayenne, acting on the capillaries, venous structure, heart, and back again. This perennial root creeps and increases underground in tubular joints, sending up a green reed-like stalk with narrow lanceolate leaves in spring, reaching about 2 feet in height. The flowering stalk rises directly from the root, culminating in an oblong scallop spike, featuring white or yellow blossoms. Indigenous to tropical Asia and cultivated in tropical areas.

Origin(s): China, Ecuador, India, Peru, United States.

Latin Name(s): Zingiber officinale.

Also known as: Shunthi.

Plant Part(s) Used: Root.

Appearance: Medium beige, yellow, tan.

Aroma: Pungent.

Taste: Spicy, hot.

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