Screw you, Facebook -- and your Patriarchy.

Screw you, Facebook -- and your Patriarchy.

Today, as I'm typing this, there are 53 dead Floridians at the hand of a self-described "proud Muslim."  Let that sink in a minute.  53 people, and most likely that number will increase, who will not be at someone's Thanksgiving, Christmas, or birthday party ever again.  Brought to you proudly by a supporter of the Islamic State, a traitorous BORN CITIZEN of Afghani immigrants (read people we sheltered, fed, supported and PAID for with taxpayer funds)... and proud Muslim.

Facebook deemed these facts (and their posting by yours truly) as hate speech.  Subsequent to a viral post, I was notified that I was, effectively, in Facebook Time-out.

After being blocked by Facebook for calling the cold hard truth what it is, I have finally decided to open up my own blog portion of the website.  There is nothing quite so invigorating as being told to shut up.

I have gotten VERY tired of a self-loathing liberal with his own security detail dictating what is and isn't hate speech.  Fine, Markey.  You can have your hate-speech free zone.   Your mindless minions may suck down the piquant sauce of deluded comfort and candlelight vigils, but the unassimilated masses of Freedom-loving Americans are not going to be silenced or intimidated by a computer nerd with a hard-on for control and white-guilt.

Incidentally, I am not alone in being a Facebook outcast, as Pamela Gellar's page was ALSO shut down today.  Apparently we are both a threat.  Want to know the truth?  The government and it's tech minions are SCRAMBLING...furiously and frantically scrambling to control a caged and abused animal (freedom-loving Americans) lashing out after repeatedly being savaged and jolted from its would-be handlers.

A Muslim terrorist killed those people.  The gun didn't seek out its prey -- the shooter did. The left may and will continue to prod and poke and cajole.  However, we will not yield our rights or our weapons.  In fact, against an enemy so vile, an armed and well-trained populace is the only resistance suitable.  This isn't a war for hearts and minds -- it is a war of flesh, bone, sight picture and concrete reality.  Evil people with violence and bloodlust will ALWAYS seek to sacrifice the unarmed.  We must defend ourselves from within and without now.  Social media be damned with its avatar changes and pins.  The time is upon us where every free citizen will be fighting for his or her life against a foreign invader or the resident malignancy of the Federal government and its abuses of power.

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