Multiple Attackers in Florida?

Multiple Attackers in Florida?

So, it appears now that there is a distinct possibility of MULTIPLE shooters/attackers at the Orlando gay bar.  Eyewitness accounts say there were at least 2 attackers.  All things being equal, I take eyewitness testimonies with a grain of salt for many reasons.

HOWEVER, I think it is worth noting that one person, alone, untrained in a poorly lit area despite being armed with a rifle would have a difficult time successfully killing that many people.  Even if he made 100% of his hits with a rifle, he would have had to reload or transition weapons several times, effectively in the dark with a weapon he had bought only days prior.

Rifles typically hold no more than 30 rounds, pistols usually the high teens -- and there are over 50 deceased victims with still more than 50 more living. We're talking at least 4 mag changes of a rifle, probably 5-6 with a pistol to total the amount of victims -- and that is assuming no stray rounds ---which there WERE.

I'm a good shooter.  I'm a very good rifle shooter.  I'm decent at rifle reloads and weapons transitions.  I'm here to tell you: That is one tough act for a single individual...unless he had help.

The other half and I have been discussing this issue at length, and he (hereafter referred to as the Smarter, More Studly Half)  is also of the opinion that this individual did not act alone in his efforts.

There will, I'm sure be more to come in the unfolding of the next few days.  My initial gut feelings on this are as follows:

  1.  It was indeed an ISIS hit on the US.  Israel was attacked after Tel Aviv's pride parade only a few days ago by Palestinians with probable ISIS ties.
  2.  There were likely multiple parties involved, and that information is being suppressed
  3. This...animal...who was the lead perpetrator --  He was on the FBI's radar...twice.  
  4.  The Obama Administration is going to position themselves to benefit from the lone gunman narrative in order to renew the call for gun control and possibly a last minute push for assault weapons bans.  After all, if 'one man can do so much damage with a legally purchased weapon."...well, you know the rest.
  5.  Facebook, reddit, social media, and other news outlets sites recognize that the current sentiment of a VAST swath of America is one of seething, quiet, and violent rage.  The suppression, blocking, banning and otherwise silencing of anti-Muslim, anti-Islam, anti-Sharia, pro-Constitution pages and admins speaks VOLUMES at this time.  
  6. This festering sore is being squeezed.  It WILL pop (yeah!  who doesn't love all the creamy, infected, purulent juices cascading down...oh excuse me...nursing fantasies).  People have been swallowing their discontent over double standards for far too long.
  7. The economics of Europe are being rocked right now with the possibility of the Brexit.  So long unity and blah blah blah.


We'll see.  Stay tuned.



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