Why Yes, I DO need an AR15!

Why Yes, I DO need an AR15!

Gun Control is 100% percent anti-woman.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.  When idiots spout off on cable news and online about the evils of AR15s, I laugh.  How in the world these supposed ‘experts’ get off lecturing the masses on the catastrophic, dangerous, maleficent nature of these weapons, I will never know.  Allow me please, Dear Reader,  a moment to tell you why the AR15 is my buddy, my pal, my faithful friend and benevolent companion. 

First off, I really do need 30 rounds in .223 from a rifle.  Yes I do.   There are an awful lot of STUPID – and I do mean S-T-U-P-I-D people, including experts saying that individuals don’t need that many, let alone from a rifle.  Screw them.  Those ‘experts’ aren’t going to be there for me if a band of 6 dudes decides to hit my home for a gang-rape initiation or pillaging spree.  I can’t ‘Phone A Friend’ and have these blowhard experts show up with a fat lot of nothing, save ill advice, during my gunfight.  My rifle will be there like a bad case of herpes.  It won’t leave me.  It won’t fail me.  But what do I know?  I’m just on staff for Valor Ridge with one of the best firearms trainers in the world as my mentor.  I guess I just can’t compare to the vast ‘knowledge’ of infobabedom.  There is not a single, credible firearms instructor in this nation who would NOT recommend an AR15 for defense.

Oh Patriot Nurse!  What exaggerated scenarios!  Really?  Have a conversation with your local Law Enforcement Officer and ask him what the average number of home invasion perps is nowadays.  That little pistol with (at best) half as many rounds and far less effective ammo looks a little less reassuring now doesn’t it?

Over penetration? Please.  Pistols and shotguns penetrate way, and I do mean WAAAAAY more than rifles.  So, if I’m going to be a good neighbor, pass the Daniel Defense please.

Another thing, rifles are a joy to shoot.  I’ve got physical issues and if I can wield that bad boy, anyone can.  The great equalizer is just that.  If I can make first round hits at 600 yards, I can sure as hell do it at 6 yards inside my house.  And THAT, friends, is the real issue.

The government paintywaists inside the Beltway are afraid of me.  They are afraid of you.  They are terrified of a nation of riflemen (and women) who are the teeth behind the paper of the Bill of Rights.  They aren’t getting my guns now or ever.

SO!  Train like your life depends on it – because it does. 

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