What Changed?

What Changed from 8 years ago?


Wow, now THERE’S a question.  One could attack this query from many angles, but I’m just gonna stick with the obvious for the Monday morning.  8 years ago, we had our touchy spots, but generally people didn’t expect a race war around the corner as a distinct possibility.  People didn’t expect to have health insurance premiums triple or quadruple in a few short years, they didn’t expect to have surveillance around EVERY corner in the form of citizen spy networks equipped with their iPhones.  Boy, this list goes on and on.

This presidency and Federal executive policy combined with a Federal Reserve standard of money-bloating has created an environment of exponential change in both social culture, respect for law and order, and a general pessimism about our nation’s future.

I would submit to you that the Antifederalists foresaw such conditions at the beginning of our country.  They anticipated that once the Federal government began its snowball of power consolidation, it would indeed become destructive to the liberties, freedoms and –ultimately—the tranquility of this great land and its peoples.

We are standing on a precipice right now, peering over the edge, friends.  Will global movements like socialism have their final victory on us by creating a class/race/envy war from within?  Will the leaders of other nations drag the world into a third World War?  I don’t know many things, but I can with reasonable surety tell you this:  The headlines in our newspapers recently eerily resemble those of the microfilms I’ve seen of periodicals that circulated prior to World War 1.

The change that we have seen has been anything but positive.  It has been destructive, divisive and deadly.  But friends, the more things ‘change’  the more they stay the same.  History is calling to tell us we’ve seen this show before.


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