The 'Suicide' of Diversity

The 'Suicide' of Diversity

My heart is saddened yet again for the French citizenry.  I am sorry for them and their pathetic government that sees protecting Muslim immigrants above its natural born, native citizenry as sacrosanct.  Led by socialists for years, they are reaping in spades the disastrous consequences of tolerance and diversity-mongering gone sickeningly awry.

Apparently, the new norm for this generation is rioting and murder by protected groups -- groups that socialist governments have imported, propped up, nursed with tax dollars and fed off of the work of producers’ sweat-soaked brows.  France has OD’d on tolerance and diversity for years, and now they are  paying for it with death en masse.
I’m gonna lay a truth bomb on you – diversity is destructive. 

You’ve been told how great it is and how helpful and wonderful for cultural health it is.  Bullshit.  Diversity is helpful in only two areas 1) Prevention of genetic diseases 2) Minimizing tool-buying guilt during Craftsman sales.  Diversity is counterproductive to cohesion and security, especially without a common national identity, set of operational ideals, values and language.

Cultural pluralism (like what France has embraced and what we are now seeking) is the equivalent of a “suicide” drink from the cola fountain.  Do you remember doing that as a kid?  I did.  At first, it seems cool.  Mix together 2 of your favorite drinks for a blend.  Interesting, tangy, new.  The problems started when you mixed multiple drinks at the fountain.  Do you remember the end result?  Your drink tasted like shit, and you had to dump the whole cup out and start again, including with fresh ice.

Friends, we ARE that drink.  We have diluted our culture and encouraged immigration without assimilation to assuage the white guilt of democrats with daddy issues.  Our government (heavily influenced by democrats who can’t seem to churn up enough dead people to vote 20 times) imported people with no skills and high probability for government leeching to destroy our values and culture by introducing their own.  Often times, these people carry with them the stain of failed ideologies and political persuasions that destroyed the nations they originally hailed from, not to mention a hatred for Western values.  Don’t kid yourself.  Not all immigrants come here because they love our values.  Many love our free stuff.

Immigration caps may not fix every problem, but it’s a start.

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