European Borders, Refugee Crisis, and the Coming Pandemic

Well folks, I hate to break it to you:  We are ripe for a pandemic. When I say ripe, think soft banana--black spots—covered in fruit flies—ripe.

Join me, Dear Reader, in a wee trot down Statistics Lane.  In 1900, the world population was around 1-2 billion people.  Within the snap of 100 years, that has grown to 7 billion.  Let me repeat that – 7 billion.  That means we humans added 6 billion people to this earth in only 100 years.  That is STAGGERING.  Most of that growth has been in developing countries with hit or miss availability of things we take for granted – clean water, building codes, sanitation standards etc.  In short, the third rock from the sun is bloated and full compared to times past.

Now, lest you think I’m a eugenicist or an advocate for draconian one-child policies, I am a fan of people in general.  I love people .  Well, in fairness, I love most people.  Okay – some people.  That’s not the point! Grrr.  I don’t want good people to die. I’m a nurse and stuff.  We're generally about  saving lives, assisting the doctor, Florence Nightingale, mitered sheet corners, and above all….kicking untimely death of good people in the nads.

Perhaps that’s why I’m so concerned about a pandemic.  We have a very populated planet, with more people travelling now than ever.  There’s more opportunity for a nasty virus in, say, a place like Libya to board a plane and make the easy hop to Tunisia, then Frankfurt, then New York, then to a town near you.  The math doesn’t lie friends. There are 7 billion little petri dishes bustling around on this planet just WAITING to host a malevolent nasty bug.  7 million petri dishes, whereas there were only 1-2 billion a few years ago.  That’s massive.  That’s huge. That’s a potential disease ant hill.

 "If you think for one second that adequate screening is being conducted on these invaders, you are dead wrong."

Enter ‘Refugee Crisis.’  The invasion of Europe by the Muslim hordes of Africa, the Middle East and Afghanistan has frog-marched the world closer to the edge of its next global pandemic.  The squalor accepted by the Mohammedian masses is being dumped into Europe (and its transit hubs) and onto the shoulders of a populace with its head in the clouds and its lungs sucking down the foul air of a brewing pestilence.

No, my heart does not bleed for the swarm of mostly single, fighting aged, dubiously affiliated, unskilled, male ‘refugees’.  Muslim invaders plundering the tax dollars of Europe under threat of riots, rape and violence shouldn’t get a drop of sympathy from you, either.  Endless schools of angry men (with a few women and children thrown into the mix for BBC footage) shoved together in shelters, cranking out anchor babies and bemoaning the wretched carnage of their loathsome Islamic states import more than just lethal political and religious ideologies—they bring germs.  LOTS of germs. They grow new germs when they are all crammed together, and one of those new germs may be the next super-virus.

If you think, Dear Reader, for one second that adequate screening is being conducted on these invaders, you are dead wrong.  The sheer volume of ‘refugees’ is draining an already-teetering Europe of its precious human and financial resources.  There simply isn’t the ability for tight quality control.  At least Bulgarians have a government that understands the severity of this threat and erected a border clad in concertina wire.


We’ve got our own issues here in the U.S, namely our border with Mexico (that’s May-hee-ko for all you Common Core kids).  We have a rushing torrent of illegal immigration from our own southern border carrying with it lots of malevolent nasties.  Illegal immigrants do not go through quarantine, my friends.  They pass no health inspections.  The first time I heard the unmistakable tuberculosis cough of an illegal from Central America, I learned that one in a hurry.  Perhaps not so coincidentally, multi drug resistant tuberculosis (You know, the kind that won’t respond to conventional treatment) is making a show of force in our community hospitals.

Yeah, yeah, Patriot Nurse.  The world sucks, and people move border lines all the time.  Why is this a big deal now?  Oh, friend.  All this would be bad enough.  But NOW, according to many very qualified microbiologists and dudes with mega alphabets after their names, we are entering the ‘Post-Antibiotic era.  Simply put, our drugs don’t work anymore.  Our go-to meds to kill bacteria and help the body fight viruses are having less and less effect.  Drastically less effect.

 "We could very realistically return to the Pre-Penicillin days within a our lifetime."

 Companies can’t do research and manufacture them fast enough to keep pace with an ever-adapting bug farm (unless, of course, it's a vaccine with massive profit potential and a guaranteed taxpayer purchase hurriedly rushed through safety inspections, but that's for another day).  When you combine this current condition with sudden, massive mixing of populations AND their respective bacteria and viruses, this is a disaster waiting to happen.

Granted, most pandemics in recent history have been viral in origin.  But we could very realistically return to a state that is eerily similar to the Pre-Penicillin days within a our lifetime.  That is no joke.  It sucked bad enough when there were 1-2 billion people and some got sick. Now image throngs of people sick with no meds to treat them.  Yikes.

Besides all that scientific jazz, our little planet is trembling on the brink of a Third World War.  History is a boringly repetitious schoolmarm when it comes to the nature of war – and one thing always accompanies it:  DISEASE.

My recommended course of action:  Eat well, store food, be effective with a weapon, and get medical training.  I don’t care if it’s not with me.  Find a QUALIFIED instructor.  This thing is coming, it’s just a matter of time.  You simply must prioritize your education in at-home nursing care of your sick.  Believe me, the city hospital is the LAST place you want to be during a pandemic.

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