The Day After July 4th - Will We Answer the Call?

July 4th is the day we celebrate our Independence from Great Britain.  Though they pale now as a shadow of their one-time power, we fought a long and arduous war with them over 200 years ago.

Now, we are fighting against our own government in the same way.  Taxes.  Taxes on everything.  Now, instead of the Stamp Act, we have the Affordable Care Act.  Those of us who actually toil and work for a living have 30% of our wealth siphoned away at the threat of incarceration to be spent on entitlements, nonproductive people, and failed, bankrupt government programs instead of the English Crown. 

Now, instead of attempts to seize our powder and armaments at Concord, the State of California (with help from the Justice Department) creates a database, locks down weapons and ammo sales, and smugly offers you the ‘privilege’ of defending yourself—but only 50 rounds at a time. The Crown used to quarter troops in Americans’ homes.  Now the NSA can read your most private correspondence with impunity.


We are there friends.  It is just a matter of time.  People are blind, and senseless, and inexorably, defiantly ignorant of history and fact.  We are a hedonistic conglomeration of spoiled children and self-congratulatory pseudointellectuals professing societal progress.  What we have really done by 'progressing' is forget our roots and, subsequently, set the stage for the next War for Independence.  

The British, in an ironic twist of fate, have voted now for THEIR own independence in the historic Brexit vote.  Rumblings now simmer below the surface of polite conversation both in Europe and here at home.  Secession and regional independence from an increasingly overbearing and tyrannical government isn’t just a pipe dream anymore. 
As more and more people become increasingly impoverished and disenchanted with the effect of years of unchecked government spending, they are increasingly wondering whether or not their state or region would be better off without the modern Crown (i.e. Washington) and all of its excesses.

Speaking of Concord, local militias were drilling and preparing for the inevitable fight they knew would come.  And come it did on April 19, 1775 under the command of General Gage, who sought to capture colonial arms and power – just as OUR current crown is attempting to seize arms and powder, one round at a time.  One weapon at a time.   They are patient, but no less brutal.

 It is the same storm in the air, Dear Reader.  It’s the same Crown mentality that ruled and oppressed our forefathers from an ivory tower overseas.  This time it’s a central government from inside the Beltway. 

 Our charged atmosphere is brewing ominous, swirling supercells of an eventual, inevitable conflict.  Will you be ready? 

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