The Curse of Modern Conservatives - Weakness and Cowardice

The Curse of Modern Conservatives - Weakness and Cowardice

 I’m going there today. I am going to swear and use coarse language in this article, and if you’re shuddering about that more than the lies coming from a traitorous, victim-blaming, gun grabbing Hillary Clinton and her ilk, you are part of the problem.  I see a complete gulf of courage and misplaced self-righteousness among some conservatives, Christians, nominal-Bible followers and the like.  There are, seemingly, a large swath of people more concerned about feeling uncomfortable with harsh, nasty, four-letter words than confronting the systematic, accelerated destruction of their rights and way of life.  Deluded by the ill counsel of biblically illiterate and inactive pastors, as well as a penchant for sanctimony, they proclaim loudly that we shouldn’t use coarse language or wish ill on anyone.  Wrong...Wrong...and WRONG.  Wickedness should be loudly, emphatically, forcefully, and yes even violently struck down by People of the Book.  Lest we forget, many of the volunteer fighters in the Continental army AND militia were preachers who took their congregations into battle WITH them.

I will give you some bad news and more than likely rain on your parade.  If you think preserving your rights is done through social niceties and well wishes, you are ultimately WRONG.  If you think playing linguistic pattycake purchased our freedom from the British, you clearly didn’t read history.  Social niceties, playing linguistic, semantic, mental gymnastics with your progressive-leaning coworkers doesn’t secure your rights. 

 "Dismissing the VERY real possibility that you may have to utilize brutal force ... to defend your sacred rights will not earn you brownie points with God."


And now, Dearest of Readers, I am lovingly going to slap you in the face with the truth:  Dismissing the VERY real possibility that you may have to utilize brutal force (as we have twice in our domestic history) to defend your sacred rights will not earn you brownie points with God. He will not applaud you for being a victim.  You aren’t going to be rewarded from the Almighty for being unarmed, unprepared, and falsely pious – and you better prepare for War in the off chance your prayers for God to Bless America don’t do the trick.

Though the Federal government is the face of this domestic problem, it retains its position of power from people like your useless libtard coworkers, the pencil-necked she-male who craves being dominated, the loud-mouthed hoodrat, the self-loathing community organizer, and hens with their multi-daddy shame broods on the first of the month at Walmart.  If you want to see your tyrannical enemy’s power source, look them right in the eye and see them for the thieving, social-engineering, vile communist trash that they are.  They feel ENTITLED to YOUR work.  They believe YOU should work for THEM and underwrite their way of living by the sweat of your brow.  Your children must go without so they can crank out a few more with their next paramour to be subsidized for another generation.  That's the cold, hard, disgusting reality. 

A representative republic brought to fruition through legitimate elections and the rule of law is preserved ONLY with a moral populace (we are not—don’t delude yourself).  Additionally, a peaceful, free, and stable nation is also predominately comprised of productive, self-sufficient, law-abiding individuals.  Take a look at the naked, bony, emaciated remnant of our nation in its current condition.  We are the walking dead.  What remains is only a slim chance at redemption – and it sure as hell won’t be with words or votes alone.

The next reboot will likely be bloody.  It will be sad -- probably more terrible than anyone living can imagine.  It will be coarse.  It will be nasty – and vain attempts to insulate the mind by condemning people who are bold and courageous—and yes, even profane—will not deliver you.  We are a country bloated full of unproductive, unintelligent, self-absorbed simpletons, and it shows.  We have over 50 million on food stamps, some who have over five generations worth of free food and social programs. Election platforms built on stolen goods (read, free college, free this, free that) bear that one out.  

" We are the walking dead."

Folks, Economics 101 is calling the next play here.  Any economy will seek a balance and a correction in a glut market – and the glut is actively and PROUDLY unproductive people.  In addition, Black Lives Matter and hired agitators peddle rage, systemic “injustice,” and a culture of covetousness based on the idea that nobody “earned it.” People who have been fed the putrid slop of entitlement, class envy, learned helplessness and government control are that excess, and you can be damn sure that this market WILL correct.  We are on the verge of a civil war pitting the trough-feeding socialists against an armed, determined, effective and courageous few who are on their last nerve.  You better prepare yourself for what is coming – expletives and all.  Can your conscience handle that?

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