On the NFL and Race-baiting

On the NFL and Race-baiting


In light of the racial pot-stirring that’s been going on as of late, I’d like to offer a few inconvenient truths and a bit of clarity:

FACT: We elected a black president, we have a black Supreme Court justice, we have black congressmen/women.  There is no ‘system’ oppressing black folk.

FACT: Black folks have been getting reparations in the form of social welfare since LBJ’s War on Poverty.  If you believe in wealth redistribution or social programs derived from stealing the wages of your neighbors, you ARE advocating slavery of your fellow Americans.  If you receive social welfare programs, you are the master and your countrymen who are denied the right to keep what they rightfully earn ARE slaves...to you.

FACT: Your ancestors may have come here in chains, but today the only chains black folk wear are the ones you choose to don yourself through criminal activity, embracing a culture of sexual, gang and racial violence OR mental slavery and subservience to the Democrat party’s politics of entitlement vs. honest labor and family values.  Your ancestors may have been bound unwillingly.  Today the only one who binds you in THIS country is yourself.

FACT: The vast majority of white folk in the USA don’t hate black folk.  What they do detest is being blamed, marginalized and penalized for an abstract ‘system’ of supposed ‘oppression’.  

FACT:  There are MANY black folk who do not subscribe to the ideology of victimhood, race-carding, and the advocacy of historical and cultural genocide of America.  They often are subjected to heinous treatment by other blacks who deem them coons, Uncle Toms, and other social pariahs.  Black people who live fiscally and morally responsible lives are often jeered as ‘not Black enough’ or failing the ‘Brown Bag Test.’  Sounds a bit oppressive.

I am a white woman born and raised in the South with roots going as far back as the 1600's in the Virginia house of Burgesses.  I love and count many friends in my circle of all colors, including black folk.  The common theme among them is NOT color.  It is that they love G-d, freedom, this nation’s founding documents, and the right to determine their own destiny without making excuses and perpetuating a victim mentality.  More simply, they RESPECT themselves and their countrymen.  Self-respect, integrity and honest work is what we need MORE of in this nation, not virtue-signaling by self-important gladiators in the Bread and Circuses of today.  Heroes and role-models don't perpetuate lies and excuses.  The NFL would do well to remember that.

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