If the Feds Want a War -- they WILL get it.

If the Feds Want a War -- they WILL get it.

And here it is…Connecticut Senator Murphy led the way!  Under the guise of ‘universal background checks’ – a seemingly ‘reasonable’ measure – Senate Democrats are moving towards complete and total government control of weapons transfers.  This would effectively do away with legal transfers between family members, as well as private sales.  They are ratcheting up the rhetoric against semi-automatic rifles and are going to use their sacrificed protected group as the banner to rally round.



Now, Homeland Security (an illegal government entity to begin with) chief Jeh Johnson is advocating for full, unconstitutional control of your weapons.  So, let me get this one straight.  An illegal, unconstitutional entity that can’t even decide the best way to keep toothpaste ‘safe’ is the best one suited to enforce the Bill of Rights?  Try again, Jeh.

The current ball being batted around is that of the Terrorist Watch list or No Fly list being the litmus test for gun sales.  It seems reasonable right?  WRONG.  Let me tell you how freaking dangerous this is.

Those lists are beyond the law, beyond the courts.  They are almost impossible to redress.  Many Americans wrongfully or erroneously have been placed on them with zero to no recourse for removal.  Friends, it is EXTREMELY important that you understand this.  If the government can STRIP you of one of the rights GUARANTEED in the Bill of Rights without due process, there is NO failsafe.  If this were to go through, it would be equivalent to warrantless searches, government suppression of free speech, quartering of troops in YOUR home, and forced interrogations with waterboarding --or worse-- on ANYONE. 

Patriot Nurse, you’re totally blowing this out of proportion!  No, I’m not.  This is a very dangerous – and I mean freaking DANGEROUS initiative.

The Bill of Rights is a list of the rights we are guaranteed AGAINST our government.  That’s Tom Jefferson’s perspective, not mine—and I think he is better suited to comment than I.

Moreover, the country is divided to the point where half of the country hates, despises, the other half.  If this initiative goes through, you are going to see violence.  But wait, isn’t that what the Left is (supposedly) trying to prevent?  Violence and senseless death.

I have a guarantee for the Left.  If you make further moves on guns, the caged and abused animal of freedom-loving Americans who have been poked with sticks and slapped by spoiled children sucking lollipops is going to be unleashed.  An assault weapons ban will not be met with the same passivity as in 1994.  The stakes are higher now, and we have fewer options as a country for redressing grievances.

If the Left wants to reduce violence, they should cease and desist with their gun control efforts now -- before they play a hand that WILL result in chaos.


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