Gun Control and the Next Civil War

Gun Control and the Next Civil War

 How would you like to be wrongfully accused, presumed guilty, penalized and stripped of your rights without a court trial?  No?  No, you wouldn’t like that?  Congratulations!  You’re a human being and in line with the Founding Fathers on that one!  Unfortunately, advocates of the 'No-Fly, No-buy' bid in Congress don't agree with you.  They are ignoring the fact that American Citizens cannot be stripped of their rights, especially those specifically enshrined in the Bill of Rights, without that little pesky thing called due process.  No, your rights are SACRED and UNALIENABLE – that is, until the Congress gets ahold of them.


Dear Reader, let me remind you:  It is INSANELY easy to get put on the No-Fly List and damn hard to get off of it.

The upcoming vote in Congress (thanks to Paul Ryan, whose only consistent stance is that of succumbing to demands) will decide, among other things, whether this unconstitutional and illegal ‘No-Fly’ list will be used as the litmus test for gun purchase and, indirectly, ownership.

 "Anarchy and lawlessness have infected our national government from the top down."

This all comes after Democrats, in an utter defilement of the House, launched an occupy-style sit-in.  If the Sergeant at Arms, Paul Irving, had done his sworn duty, he would have arrested every last one of them on the spot.  Did he do that?  No, But in a mode of resignation, he just let it go and allowed lawlessness to own the day. Lawlessness.  Let that sink in.  Lawlessness. 

You are witnessing ANARCHY, my friends – and not the type slack-jawed, mom’s basement, internet intellectuals tell you is a good thing.  Anarchy and lawlessness have infected our national government from the top down.  Let’s be clear here:  You have an illegal use of Congressional floor space by rogue elements vowing to utilize the illegal "No-Fly" list for the unconstitutional stripping of the Bill of Rights from American citizens who have been accused, presumed guilty, and afforded no due-process.  Every representative and senator supporting these measures has proven him/herself an Enemy of the Constitution and a DIRECT threat to YOU and your family’s security and rights as a citizen.  They should have been carted out of the House in zip ties.  Instead, they left to go Tweet and meet their special interest groups.


"The Anti-Federalists knew the Federal government would do its damndest to erode individual rights and descend into complete and utter tyranny. "

My friends, the Anti-Federalists were terrifyingly correct.  They noted that the Federal government, once formed, would inevitably become destructive to the Bill of Rights.  It is for this precise reason they INSISTED the Constitution have the first 10 Amendments.  They knew the Federal government would try its damndest  to erode individual rights and descend into complete and utter tyranny.  That’s why we have the States.  The States have the ability to throw off the abuse of the Feds like a wife tired of her husband’s repeated drunken, rageful beatings.

To put the seriousness of the hour into perspective, we have:

  • a Democrat candidate for President who is a certain felon and traitor

  • a Republican candidate that has no experience with or respect for Constitutional government and limited powers (he says he likes it, but that could change in five minutes like every other position he's had.)

  • a rogue current President with Socialist parents, radical ideology, and a demonstrated hatred of traditional American values

  • a Supreme Court intent upon destroying the Bill of Rights rather than safeguarding it

  • National, Congressional Representatives who are salivating at the thought of making you disarmed, softened sheep for the slaughter.

It’s time to put this abusive spouse in its place.

We need a way of fighting back against the Federal Government…and the Founders gave us that option.  The Convention of States.  It is our last hope, and our only option if we are to avoid Civil War or an open and very bloody rebellion.  The Feds have proved to you, the loving wife, that no matter how good and law-abiding you are, they are going to beat you, rape you, blame you and strip your dignity away for their own power buzz. 

Hit. Them. Back.

Get involved with the Convention of States.  Call your local state representatives (the ones to your state legislature) and tell them to get on board.  This is no longer about fighting national policies with national representatives.  If we wish to regain our rights and hold the last ounce of peace, it is our only hope.  If it fails, we will find ourselves living John Adams.

"If we wish to regain our natural-born rights as Englishmen, then we must fight for them."

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