How to Defeat a Time-Warped Enemy

 No, this isn’t a recap of Rocky Horror and the Time Warp dance.  Today, the western and civilized, moral people of the world are fighting an enemy that is stuck in the 800’s on the sands of Arabia.   Until we fight our Muslim enemies in the way that will devastate them, we will continue to be mercilessly executed, one by one.

 The Islamic hordes of Europe have invaded softly, with plenty of sympathy from medicated, self-loathing, white-guilted liberals who are all too delighted to steal from their fellow citizens’ labor and gift it to the mongrel masses of Mohamed followers.  A secular, godless and morally vacuous Europe has long nursed itself on the milk of multiculturalism and tolerance, wholeheartedly believing that because they themselves have become ‘enlightened’ and have abandoned Christianity, along with its morality, all who enter the gates of their lands will naturally drop their Middle-aged myths in a god, too.

Through some contorted and convoluted recipe of social programs, white-shaming, candlelight vigils and interfaith dialogues, the nations of Europe have sought to make a sedated, drooling lapdog out of the truly vicious, violent, bloodthirsty rabid mob that is the adherents of Islam.  Expecting immigrants to catapult ‘forward’ into a postmodern Europe by jumping a gap of 1200 years is not only illogical, it is a recipe for total destruction.

We are dealing with an enemy who is stuck in an archaic and superstitious death culture coupled with an insatiable lust for both power and vengeance.  What no one wants to own is that defeat of this enemy is not achieved through mini-nation building nor achieved through ‘building a dialogue.’  When the Allies defeated the Japanese ultimately, the worship of the man-God Emperor died along with it.   We proved he was not a deity.   To defeat a people, you must defeat what they worship.  With Islam, this means their pagan god. 

This week, Muslim refugees had their way again and decapitated a French priest with a knife.  This means they literally sawed off his head with a butcher knife.  Do you understand how painful of a death that is?  Now, the next act of the murderers is very telling yet was not widely reported in the media.  After the French priest was slaughtered, the followers of Mohammed performed “a service at the altar in Arabic” according to a survivor of the attack, a Nun.  THAT SHOULD SPEAK VOLUMES to you about the nature of these murders.  They are murdering not for a political ideology.  They are murdering for their god.  If you want to put an end to this, there are three ways of doing it:

1)  Deport every last one from your country before they can kill natural born citizens.

2)  Destroy their belief, adherence and faith in their religion by any means possible. 

3)  Capitalize on superstitions (pig’s blood, et al) and use them as effective weapons to crush their resistance.

Now, before you go protesting the inhumane nature of those tearful families being sent back to their “War-torn” homeland, let us please not forget the many thousands of severed heads and raped girls, brutalized women and butchered minorities that Islam has produced in the past DECADE ALONE.  This level and type of butchery hasn’t graced the face of the planet in quite some time, and we aren’t showing any progress using the methodology of the kind-hearted, culturally sensitive Westerner.  It’s time to use a different methodology, and we can be sure the government is not going to do it.  Governments across the world have no problem dismantling Christianity and imprisoning people for holding Christian values, but when it comes to those poor, oppressed Muslims, they get off scot-free.  I say, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

The governments of Europe have disarmed their people and softened them up for the slaughter.  Their only choice is to fight back in such a way that victory can be achieved.  If it means making Europe inhospitable and uncomfortable for murders and their support networks (including their families and ‘innocent’ women), then so be it.  Charles Martel knew exactly this and saved his people from the invading followers of Mohamed in France.

The same can be said of our own President, Thomas Jefferson who knew full well the savagery of the Barbary Pirates.  “To the shores of Tripoli” is heard in the Marine Corps Hymn.  But who was it exactly that the US Marine Corps was fighting in our FIRST international War, literally less than 15 years into our nation’s history?  It was (drumroll, please) Muslims!  Mohammed-followers and pirates who brutally, savagely terrorized peaceful merchants simply wanting peaceable journey and trade upon the seas.  They were such a scourge and deemed such a security threat that one of our greatest presidents deployed U.S. troops halfway across the globe at a time when an hour-long buggy ride into town was considered a trek.

Technology is the only thing that has changed, friends.   These people are not going to change.  They will not cease to be a threat to your very existence as long as they share your zip code.  This is not my interpretation.  Behold, their own holy book:

Quran (9:29) - "Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya [ tax on non-muslims] with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued." 

This is Mohammed, in the end of his revelatory career, clarifying the schizoid message of his zigzagging instruction.  Lest you had any doubts, he sums it up for you quite clearly.  You will either pay the ruling Islamic government a tax for existing as their slave, convert to Islam, or be killed.  And your friendly, neighborhood Muslim believes this.  If he says he doesn’t, and he truly denies the words of the Prophet, he is, consequently, not a Muslim. 

However, if he looks at you and lies, with a straight face (expect this) he is ALSO following Islam by employing a deceptive tactic called taquiyya.  This is, essentially, acceptable lying for the ‘greater good’ of Islamic world domination.

We are faced with two choices if we want to survive as a free and self-determined people.

  • Stop giving preferential treatment to the citizens who are Muslim and force them to comply with national laws, the same way everyone else does – this includes FREE SPEECH against them and their false god.
  • Fight wars the way we used to, including total and unrelenting destruction of their civilization, people and culture. It worked against Germany and Japan – and it’s time to implement the method again.

Fifteen years of continuous, politically correct warfare has made matters worse, not better.  Terrorism is now EXPECTED on a daily basis.  Sometimes, it’s best just to rip the band-aid off.

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