City-States & Coast vs True America

Ever know someone who went through a nasty divorce?  Cheating, screaming, fighting, breaking glass, custody battles, attorneys, family court—the whole bit are all too regular a spectacle in our nation today.   Here’s the point of this article:  We ARE that couple in the middle of a bitter divorce, and the suit would read “City-state and Coasts vs. The REST of America.”

CNN and other trendy Bolshevistic news outlets are repeatedly showing masses of people gathering around different flash-mob protest points, whether it’s a group dedicated towards embracing Islamic superiority and protectionism outside JFK airport in New York, or the so-called ‘Women’s March’ in Washington, D.C.  Agitators and millennial malcontents stream themselves screaming in a library under the banner of protest and self-loathing college hipsters torch the American flag in Iowa City as a ‘protest against fascism.’  We ARE that sick marriage comprised of one person who keeps trying to compromise (Conservatives), keeps pleading for counseling, keeps desperately hoping against hope that the other person will cease acting like a drug-crazed lunatic and come home for dinner the way they used to when we were younger and happy.

I’m going to pull out the old psych-nursing tough love move.  It’s time for me to sit you down, take your hand, look you in the eye, America, and tell you, “You are in an abusive relationship.  There’s no point in trying to reconcile with an abuser.  It’s time to get your fists up.  “City-State and Coasts” is hurting you.  They are taking the joy out of your life.  If you don’t want to end up dead in a ditch, freshly infected with herpes and 4 kids deep into the equation with a person who not only doesn’t love you, but in point of fact disrespects, despises and is destroying your life, you better get out now.”

Who is this abusive spouse?  The City-State (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C) and the Coast (California is the biggie). Within their borders dwell millions of little statists and party minions who care NOTHING for your marriage contract (the Constitution). Yes, there are ‘good people’ here, but they are outnumbered, outmaneuvered and cowed by threats of social ostracism.   The Leftists, whose idea of a free society is mandatory, compulsory laws enforced at the barrel of a government agency’s gun, live in these cities and coasts and have all but destroyed this nation.  They have hit us (often literally), taken away our basic freedoms, abused us, rioted, destroyed property, caused bodily harm and rampant disrespect for law and order.  Albeit, the rest of America is no unblemished virgin, devoid of the stain of Marxist supporters, but these rural lefties are numerically and functionally insignificant compared to the strongholds of Che Guevara t-shirt wearers at Universities like Columbia, UCLA, Berkeley and their surrounding cities who go around flying ISIS flags to ‘combat white privilege’.

I have news for you friend, the Donald did not cause this.  THEY did.  For 8 years, their Black Jesus, Messianic Savior, and favorite Constitutional Rapist named Barack Hussein Obama, along with his Justice Department systematically attacked EVERYTHING good and wholesome about this nation and her people.  He enslaved us to an insane increase in debt. G.W. Bush was no saint either, but he doesn’t hold a candle to good ole Barry.  Under his presidency, the nation has gone from being on speaking terms to regularly throwing punches.

I and many others have warned about this for YEARS:  The electorate is divided, and there is no reconciliation other than to patiently wait for one more drunken night when your abusing spouse tottles home, starts in with the violence, and then gives you grounds to beat them within an inch of their life.  It truly is time for a divorce citing irreconcilable differences if we want to avoid violence.

In this presidential election, the areas addicted to the heroin of Hillary and her party of Lenin-lovers were the cities and the coasts. The cities and the coasts are filled with Neo-Bolsheviks (read Leftists) who build their party’s voter bases on the promise of stealing the honest earnings of YOU in small town, rural, and suburban America and giving it to their loyal party members by way of government ‘entitlements’ and legal aggression vis a vis snowflake protection.  The city libtards voted to expand government into every possible area of YOUR LIFE and tax the living piss out of you.  These people are NOT your friends.  They are countrymen in name only and wanton, violent THIEVES in deed.  Their abuse and destruction of law and order have known no bounds of the past 8 years -- and we, the abused spouse, have had our fill -- hence the election results.

They are going to continue to abuse and hit us until we hit them back AND either throw them out or THEY leave. 

Somehow, through the cannabis haze, California has had the wisdom to begin the process of secession.  A petition is now circulating to bring the matter to the ballot.  I want to sign that petition. Oh? You don’t think a Tennessee resident has any say in California?  Excuse me, I feel oppressed.  I need a diversity counselor and a safe space!  I just need to register to vote.  Don’t need to bother with legalities of lawful residency, since California allows ILLEGAL ALIENS to vote in presidential elections.  But somehow my vote as a Tennessean tired of dealing with California’s 20% guaranteed Leftist electoral votes is morally unjustifiable?  Please.

I get that there are good people in California (heck, I’ve TRAINED them!) who likely won’t like this, but I’m gonna give you a hard truth my friends:  The rest of us are TIRED of dealing with your state.  Be honest with yourself, you’re not going to ‘take it back.’  Your legislature is corrupt and failed, and you have allowed yourselves to be disarmed to the point where resistance will be all but impossible.  You have acquiesced to neutering your guns, you have acquiesced to having your rights to purchase ammunition so heavily restricted that nothing short of a Supreme Court verdict and Federal enforcement will reinstate them.   California conservatives have spent the greater part of this century and prior compromising, acquiescing, and following unrighteous laws that were foisted upon you.  Let’s be real about your addiction to compliance.  You haven’t picked up arms and fought back while you have been systematically stripped of your right to self-defense, and you’re not going to learn that discipline after neglecting it for so long.  You really don’t know what it’s like to run around with a 30 round magazine, no bullet button and a pistol-grip, let alone all the ammo you can purchase to your heart’s content.  California does not have a martial culture as a state, and it sure isn’t going to learn a new tune this late in the parade.  Reid and I have done more to advocate for California gun rights than most California gun owners—and that’s the sad truth.  You’re not going to “resist”, and until you make your representatives more terrified of coming to work than passing more rights violations, you will continue to hold your willing arms out to be bound by the chains of enslavement.

All this aside, California has the right idea about secession, and I wish New York (sorry Upstaters, you’re in the same boat as NorCal) would follow suit.  Secession is a better option than a full blown civil war, which is exactly where the Left is pushing us.  This is not hyperbole.  This is the cycle of history, of which I’m convinced most modern Americans are functionally if not literally illiterate. If California, and other bastions of Leftist dogma want to live in a socialist utopia, LET THEM…but let them do it with THEIR money.  This is one Tennessean who is tired of compromising on fundamentals.  In the words of Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof,” NO!  There IS no other hand!”

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