Black Power, Blue Mood, and Whitewashed Propaganda

So let me get this one straight.  Loretta Lynch, despite fully knowing that Hillary Clinton has committed multiple crimes by the FBI’s own admission, is focusing her ‘Justice’ Department on pushing for Gun Control.  That’s the gist of her testimony on Capitol Hill this morning.

Criminals who endanger American citizens at the highest level get off scot-free, and you and I have to now worry whether we’ll be able just to KEEP our rights.  They commit crimes, and we’re punished. Our rights are stripped without due process (No-Fly, No-Buy) but the Beltway writes, breaks, and nullifies its own laws.

There really is one law for ‘them’ and one law for the rest of us.  Do you know what that tells me?  It tells me that if I want to protect myself and make sure my rights aren’t violated, I’m on my own.  There’s not going to be justice for me.  It tells me that, in this government, criminals are declared spotlessly clean and law-abiding citizens are declared criminals.  The natural inclination of reasonable people to obey their government in hopes it will protect them is vanishing like a vapor trail.

In the midst of all of the Clinton and gun control debacles, we now have dozens if not hundreds of thousands of emboldened genocidal maniacs masquerading as ‘protesters’.  This weekend brought forth plenty of footage showing the sheer lawlessness of the mobs across the nation who blocked roads, shut down major lifelines of transportation, took over bridges, assaulted police with deadly force and destroyed property.

 If they are unable to respond NOW, how do you think things will be when the citizenry is disarmed and softened up for the slaughter?

Emboldened by their protectors from on high, the New Black Panthers even went so far as to call for a raid on the Southern States wherein they sought to create a “nation within a nation’ of blacks and for blacks in the Old South.  That’s right, kick whitey in the teeth and take his land.  Take his stuff because now we’re protected.

What we have here is envy and covetousness on an institutionalized level.  The Black Panthers took that a step forward this weekend and advocated outright intimidation, thievery and segregation in order to take what they want.  They are capitalizing on the ignorance and darkness of the inner city to consolidate power and strengthen their cronyism.  In essence, they are re-instituting the slave system and mentality which they claim to oppose.  Make no mistake, they are not for self-determination and liberty for their mindless followers.  Nope – they are all for making them captive slaves of the Black Power movement.

This is the environment in which the Federal government is seeking to disarm its citizens.  In a time where Black Power leaders are calling for genocide against whites, we’re supposed to lay down our arms?  I think not.

The rabid mongrels calling for property destruction, traffic and business disruption, violence against whites and the lynching of law enforcement officers are one good ass-kicking away from learning the painful way that they don’t get to do stupid things against free people without consequence. 

The Justice Department has hog-tied our police by insisting they focus primarily on de-escalation rather than putting down riots and neutralizing dangerous and destructive behavior.  If they are unable to respond NOW, how do you think things will be when the citizenry is disarmed and softened up for the slaughter?

  What if YOUR teenage daughter was alone in her car, suddenly stopped in the streets, and surrounded by a gang of thugs (peacefully protesting) who decide she’s going to be the first in their initiation task of white-girl rape?  Gang-bangers do this all the time, but the environment now (supported and fomented by the Justice Department) has given them a get-out-of-jail-free card under the guise of ‘protesting’.   They’re just venting their anger, and your daughter will have to understand that she has to pay for centuries of black oppression by being a pin cushion for a little bit.

Think I’m being extreme?  Think again.  The Justice Department flat-out told these vipers to ‘not be discouraged’ with their protests, despite the fact that 5 police officers were shot in cold blood by an adherent of Black Power philosophy.  YOUR rights to defend yourself, your family and innocent people?  Those are up for grabs.  But racist, venomous thugs?  They’re covered.

That is the climate we’re in folks.  Let’s get our head out of the clouds and call a spade a spade.  Are all the ‘protesters’ violent?  No.  But for all this labeling of ‘non-violent,’ there seems to be an AWFUL lot of arson, assault, and general violence present.  It doesn’t TAKE 100% compliance to turn the disgruntled disenfranchised into a murderous, violent mob.

The police have their hands tied.  They will not be there for you when you need them, even if they HAD the support of the Justice Department.  Your rifle, your weapon, your skills may be the only things protecting your life and your property in the days to come.


Force is a language criminals understand. 

If you remember the L.A. riots (another grim reminder of what emboldened angry mobs do to communities) there was a particular group of people who were able to secure their property and protect their people, despite the city burning around them.  That group was the Koreans.  They lit up criminals who sought to destroy their property or hurt their people.  And you know what?  Force is a language criminals understand.  They were left alone, but they were skilled marksman who displayed a willingness to use force.

The federal government is not going to protect law-abiding citizens, nor are they going to support the law or law enforcement.  If you want to remain free and unmolested, very soon, you may be on your own.

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