American Moral Rot and the Bitter Waters

American Moral Rot and the Bitter Waters

The United States has a bad case of crotch rot.  Pardon the term, Dear Reader, but I’m simply calling a spade a spade – and the metaphor is apt.

How can a nation reproduce, grow, thrive and live healthily when it is rotting from the inside out?  To use another metaphor, the tree is rotting from its roots. We have reached a time in history where the confluence of many factors is rapidly accelerating our own demise.  There is hope for a renewal, but the medicine will be bitter, expensive and painful if we’re to cure the flesh-nasty of selfishness in this nation.

Boy, way to cheer up the masses, Patriot Nurse!  Wait, selfishness?  Shouldn’t you say socialism, or welfare-excess, or government spending?  Well yes, my friends.  Those systems and modalities are indeed an issue, but they are merely the symptom of a nasty underlying cause.

The crotch-rot growing in our nation’s pants right now is that of lawlessness and -even deeper- selfishness.  I’m not talking about the Ayn Rand view of selfishness.  I’m talking depravity.  I’m talking a nation where half the constituents think their ‘feelings’ trump your Divinely gifted rights.  A nation where at the minimum 25% are supporting a dedicated party platform of thievery with redistribution This aggregate of supporters, drunken by its own warped view of morality, proclaims its superior ability to create a ‘fair’ climate.

We can argue what led up to the infestation of selfishness among us.  Some would say postmodern thought preached on our college campuses.  Some would say greedy supranational bankers foist this program upon us.  I say no.  We, each of us, choose every day to adopt a pattern and attitude.  Rather than humility, we have chosen arrogance and entitlement.

The problem is, we have become so impressed with ourselves as humans, that we really do think (the collective, national we) that we can establish a law within ourselves, devoid of reference to the Divine or the long held Judeo-Christian standards which informed the laws and founding of our nation.  The problem with the transient, adaptive morality of humanism is that it constantly accommodates to the point where it becomes quickly unrecognizable.  Humans can justify a great many wickednesses to assuage the conscience -- we are inherently selfish creatures.  There it is again – selfishness.

We have become rotted because we have forgotten ourselves.  We have left our first love and the eternal immutable truths of Scripture.  In many ways, our people have morally done what the late Michael Jackson did to his face.  Slowly, we have sliced, ground, nipped and tucked our way to a face of values not our own, not our original.  Before us, in the moral mirror, stands a contorted amalgamation of values pasted together and hastily chosen based on political correctness, transient popularity and selfishness.  The scar tissue of previous attempts at perfection glistens like a shiny red reminder of days gone by, when we had our old face, when we knew ourselves.

The bitter waters are sitting on the table friends.  The only hope for a nation as sick as ours is to drink it and hope for a reset to normal.  Will we be brave enough to face ourselves in the mirror?  Future history books will hold the answer.

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