The Answer to Gay, Islamic Homophobia?  Gun Control, of course!

The Answer to Gay, Islamic Homophobia? Gun Control, of course!

Massive headache this morning.  Ever get one of those where your eyes are being forced out of their sockets from inside your head?  Totally me this morning.  Waiting for that caffeine and a wee bit of sugar to make it go away.  Aspirin on board, and here we go!


So, it seems now that the Orlando shooter was a homosexual.  Oh boy!  Let the psychoanalysis begin.  How can the homophobia banner apply here?  Can one commit a hate crime against himself?  No no, you see, because he was a Muslim, gay and a Democrat, he can’t POSSIBLY have committed a hate crime against another protected community.  I’m just waiting to hear the Left on this one.  The problem MUST have been the gun, right?

I’ve got some uncomfortable truth for you, Dear Reader:  there are LOTS and LOTS of gay men that count themselves Muslims.  There are LOTS of them.  Many practice bestiality and pedophilia -- and many have been inducted into this lifestyle as a resulted of being molested.  Child rape is a terrible problem in the Muslim world (especially against girls, but boys are actually preferred in areas like Afghanistan where the shooter’s family hailed from).  Incidentally, the best and easiest read to understand Muslim and Arab culture is the book below.  Get it and read it -- you won't be fooled again.


How could this be?  Hint:  Their blessed prophet (you know, the one they pattern themselves AND their religious observance after)  ‘married’ a 10 year old after he ‘placed his [penis] between her thighs’ (she was 6 at the time) while she was at recess.  This is a culture with strong roots in sexual victimization, repressed resentment and hatred both of and by its victims.  Oh that was back in the day?  Try again.  President day leader Khomeini has even okayed molestation of infant girls -- just no penetration. Yeah, you gotta wait a few more years till those toddler vaginas can take it.   It is a pervasive sickness and blight in the community that will not be cured simply by ‘doing time’ in a Western nation.  A transplanted tree will wither in fresh soil if there’s rot in the roots.  Be very sure of this – Islam’s transplants into this nation cannot be cured of their societal ills by hanging around with us.  Nope, WE will be infected with all the anger, malice and pent-up rage that has been brewing for centuries.

How does all this play into the Orlando attack?  You’ve got a Muslim individual who, from the Left’s lens, couldn’t have been more ‘integrated’ into America.  How much better of a posterboy do you get?  Registered Democrat, American Citizen, security clearance holder (yeah, even Hillary can’t pass that one), homosexual orientation (or at least questioning -- but hey that’s a start!).  I guess the only point left for full integration would be an Obama phone, ACORN affiliation, and ties to the Communist party, but there’s still time yet.

Omar Mateen was the Left's dream of a fully integrated Muslim (to be clear, a follower of the political, pseudo-religious system of Islam).  He is one of MANY who has become an active enemy of the United States (remember those ‘integrated’ Tsarnaev brothers?)  and her people.

But the most telling sign of the Muslim community and its leaders' fundamental opposition to the freedom of every American is both what they have said and NOT said in the aftermath.  The local Imam (read, mouthpiece of treason) took a public stance of gun control advocacy as the solution to this problem  What?  You expected introspection and ownership of Islam’s inherent violence as the cause? You simpleton, you! 

The Islamic leaders in the United States have responded as their Prophet best exemplified.  Deceive the populace.  Disarm the populace.  Destroy the populace.  


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