Self-Loathing Gun owners -- and the Assault Weapons Ban

Smarter, More Studly Half is on the phone a lot today.  Monday, the first day of the work week, is less than 48 hours removed from the Florida massacre.


And here it comes….gun control.  Social media is ablaze with renewed (and predictable) calls for more gun control from the Left.  But now we’re seeing a new field of potential converts surface in the gun control equation – gun owners.

“I don’t need an assault rifle” says one lady on my news feed.  ‘My husband is a police officer and I have no need for one.”  “ I’ve been around guns my whole life and don’t feel the need to have one.”   Oh—here’s my personal fav – “I’ve been a hunter my whole life, and no one needs those assault rifles.”

Self-loathing gun owners who feel the need to APOLOGIZE or surrender OTHER people’s rights to placate their own feelings of guilt and worthlessness – that’s apparently the new norm.  Lots of regret from soft people who have little to no experience with or understanding of violence and loathsome criminals.  Do you know what my regret is?  My regret is that I wasn’t there in Florida WITH my rifle to explode the cranium of that disgusting piece of subhuman filth (and his accomplices) that mercilessly slaughtered over 50 people.

Let’s clearly define these people for what they are.  Whether knowingly or unknowingly, advocates of assault weapons bans are the most vile of accomplices to manslaughter.  To appease their own inadequacy and half-baked morality, they are WILLING to sacrifice YOU and your family’s ability to defend yourselves against predators like the one(s) in Orlando.  I’d ask them. You don’t want to own a weapon best suited for defense against multiple attackers (that would indeed be a semi-automatic rifle)?  Fine.   But don’t you DARE try and disarm me.  You want to sacrifice yourself, go for it.  But you and your ilk have NO RIGHT to proactively SACRIFICE me and millions like me by stripping us of our ability to defend ourselves.

That, dear reader, is how this picture needs to be framed.  Europe, with all of its moral pontification and self-gifted ribbons of progressive superiority has disarmed its people for decades.  The Paris attacks clearly showed the consequences for creating a nation of declawed kittens – Death.  Death by the truckload.  Death by the boatload.  Death by the pound, or kilo in this instance.

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